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Are you being plagued by Rats throughout your home or business? Fortunately for you Able Group offer an effective and emergency rat removal service that you can rely on 24 hours a day. If you are wondering how to get rid of rats fast, then look no further. Our rat pest controllers will use the latest techniques and methods to get rid of your rat problem whilst also offering great advice to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Home rat removal service

Their ability to co-exist with humans make them a common pest to be found throughout the UK. With a long, thick tail, small eyes and ears, accompanied by a heavy body they inhabit developed urban areas often living communally and constructing burrows to house their young and store food that they find on their travels.

Signs Of Rats

When a rat moves into an area there are certain indicators they leave behind that strongly hint to a rat's presence. If you suspect you have a rat problem but want confirmation before calling a pest controller, look out for these signs to gauge a better idea on the scale of your problem:

Rat exterminator for rats in house

Smears - rats hold a large amount of grease and dirt on their fur which will smear gradually on objects as they scuttle past. They will stick to the same routes usually out of habit, so these routes become smeared and are an obvious indicator of a rat's presence. Around the home these smears will often be found along the skirting boards.

Droppings by rat infestation

Droppings - it is possible to recognise an active infestation of a rat by the state of the droppings. That of a rat will be significantly larger than mice faeces. Averaging between 9-12mm in length they can often be found in any areas, but often in the corners of rooms or in crevices between items.

A rat infestation is easily identified

Runs - as previously mentioned rats are creatures of habit. They often follow the same routes and pathways when travelling. This can often mean that outdoors for example, a rat run can be identified by a strip of depressed grass to eventually bare earth. Indoors it is easier as often dusty places will have clear routes through for example.

Nest of rats in house

Burrows - rats will usually try to exploit shelter in hollow spaces of a building such as the wall cavity. They will also use any materials that they can find to add to the nest and build on it. Gnawed cardboard or paper is generally a sign that a rat is building their nest nearby.

Signs of a rat problem

Other Signs - there are a range of other indicators also that point towards a rat infestation. Damage to wires or structural damage is often the first thing you will notice, along with other signs of gnawing. Urine is used to mark their territory, but if you also spot hairs, footprints or tail swipes they are strong indicators of a rat's presence. The final signs may be more straightforward as it is possible to have a sighting of the rat which is a sure-fire way to confirm an infestation. A stale odour is the final indicator that you have rats in house and need a rat removal company.


Rats are treated according to the location of the infestation and level of infestation, the common methods of treating rats are poisoning or trapping, the poison can be put down in the open (providing there are no children or pets around) in bait trays in the loft, in tamper proof bait boxes internally or externally or in throw packs.

How to get rid of rats fast in home

The three most common active poisons are Difenacoum, Brodifacoum or Bromadiolone. Brodifacoum can only be used internally as it is the most potent of the poisons. Our rat exterminators may sometimes use both poison and traps on site depending on the level of infestation. All our treatments are in line with the latest HSE and British standards. Our professional rat control treatment is the most effective way to ensure your home no longer houses a rat colony.

Professional rat exterminators for rat infestation

If you are unsure whether your pest problem is a Rat or something else, visit our Rodent Control page to better determine what your pest is. Our prices are for the treatment of the pest only, not for proofing works.

Post Treatment

There are a few things you will need to bare in mind after our pest control experts have carried out the treatment. The poison does not work instantly and will need time to come to full effect. The rats will need to feed on the poison several times before they die.

To prevent rats from entering the building, the entry and exit points must be located and sealed off. To ensure you do not entice more rats a cleaning regime should be in place, maintaining that food is not left lying around and crumbs are hoovered up. Also, do not put any feed out for the birds as this will attract rats.

Rats are attracted to the smell of rubbish bins, these should be sealed off and you should make sure your garden areas are clear of rubbish and debris. After the treatment all bait, bait stations and rodent bodies should be removed from the site and be disposed of safely.

Rat problem in house
Rat problem in house
Rat problem in house

Dangers Of A Rat Infestation

The presence of a rat problem in your home is an unacceptable living condition to most. It justifies the need for professional rat control immediately. The confirmed presence of a rat in your property, be it sight, smell or sound, can be highly distressing, especially considering phobias people may have. More than this they can pose threats to your wellbeing and that of your home. Here are the most common dangers a rat problem can pose:

Rat terminators for rat problem

Disease - rodents can be carriers of a number of diseases, some of which can be transferred to humans. With their living quarters in close proximity to humans they can spread disease through their urine, faeces, physical contact and through ectoparasites (fleas and mites) that live in their fur.

How to get rid of rats fast

Food Losses - rats often waste more food than they eat due to their wasteful eating habits and through cross contamination of their contact with food items. Rats desire to eat almost anything they can get their paws on means that rats in the house are a major problem.

Rats in house

Structural Damage - rats tend to gnaw on almost all objects in the home. This includes wires to electrical items which can render the item useless and even start fires. They can even chew through lead pipes causing leaks leading to monetary damage for the owner. Dead rats have been known to cause blockages in pipes also.

Rat control services near me

Physical Damage - it has been known for rats to inflict direct injuries onto sleeping children and even adults due to living in close proximity. If a rat attacks it will most likely go for the hands. If a rat has been cornered as well then it will not hesitate to attack in defence.

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