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We understand that when you encounter an ant nest in your business, you need it to be eliminated safely and quickly by a professional you can trust. Our Able pest controllers will get your business back in order and stop a pest infestation from becoming a major problem.

We provide effective pest control services for businesses of all sizes. So, whether you have an infestation in your restaurant, or you have discovered an ants nest in your independent business, our engineers are always on hand to resolve your ant problem quickly and efficiently. We don't just treat these pests, we try our very best to ensure they do not return. We're here to help all your pest control needs. Our fully trained ant removal experts use a powder-based insecticide which is spread across the entrances to the nest and the surrounding areas. The worker ants will then take the poison down into the nest. This in turn, kills the queen and all of the other ants within the colony.

Ant Species That Can Invade Your Home Or Business
There are three common species of ant in the UK that we mainly deal with. 
Garden ants
Also known as the common black ant (Lasius niger), they are black or red in colour and measure at approximately 7mm in length. These ants rarely cause damage to plants however they do feed on sugary foods and can be a nuisance when a colony invades your home looking for food. Their nests are often outdoors in the soil or below paving slabs in your garden. They have no stinger so offer no harm to humans.
Flying ants
Flying ants are the fertile male and female ants whose only purpose is to mate and start new colonies elsewhere. So, if you spot flying ants it usually means the start of a new colony. Regardless of them being harmless to humans, flying ants can also be highly irritating as well as very unsightly. What's known as flying Ant season, where the bugs fly off to mate, usually occurs in July and can last for anything up to two weeks.
Pharaoh ants
Distinctively red in colour and much smaller in size than garden ants, they average at around 3.5mm in length. Commonly called red ants, they live in colonies that can vary in size, although colonies are made up of several queens. Swarms can take place at any time of the year. If you were wondering what ants eat, they eat all types of food but especially sweets. They are considered to be a pest due to their ability to survive in indoor areas and contaminate foods by the diseases they carry.
How to prevent ants from invading your property
Due to their size and tendency to nest in hidden and protected areas, it can be difficult to initially identify an ant infestation, let alone prevent one. Simple measures that can be carried out in order to stop an ant infestation from occurring.
Clear up
If you are wondering what ants eat, then the answer is simple. It is almost anything that's sugary. This is why to avoid an ant infestation it is imperative that you clean up all spillages and sweep or hoover all crumbs on your floors or worktops.
Store food
Food that is in your kitchen should be stored away in sealed containers or bags. You should then make sure that the food is stored correctly in fridges or cupboards. This should prevent the ants from reaching the food in the first place.
Seal bins
It is equally important that you ensure all bins are sealed properly, especially bin bags left outside. Ants will see these and view them as an easy food source, gaining easy access and carrying leftover food back to the ants nest.
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