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Why choose Able Group cockroach pest control?

Why choose Able Group cockroach pest control?

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Our cockroach removal experts can reach your property 30-90 minutes after you call*. We can help you 24/7 and there’s no call out charge.
We have nearly 30 years’ experience in the effective removal of cockroaches from both domestic and commercial properties.
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Able Group’s advisors understand your problems and can quickly provide you with a free quote at a fair and competitive price from one of our local cockroach treatment experts.
Able Group is an accredited company. Our professional cockroach extermination service comes highly recommended by many of our satisfied customers.

Professional cockroach extermination services

Finding cockroaches can be distressing. They are fast breeding and can survive in very harsh conditions and are resistant to certain pesticides. This makes any infestation a challenge and buying over the counter products less likely to be effective.

Able Group delivers an effective and emergency cockroach treatment that you can rely on 24 hours a day. Our cockroach extermination experts can help you by getting rid of cockroaches fast, while also offering great advice to help prevent the problem from recurring.

There are around 4,600 species of cockroach in the world. And while they are a crucial part of a healthy ecosystem, acting as recyclers in their natural environment, only 30 species are classed as pests. In your home cockroaches can be a major health hazard.

Signs of a cockroach infestation
You might see cockroaches, but they are mostly nocturnal. It’s more likely you’ll spot the signs of an infestation first. If you suddenly turn a light on at night you might catch a glimpse of a cockroach scurrying away. It won’t be alone.

When a cockroach moves into an area, there are certain indicators they leave behind that strongly hint at their presence. If you suspect you have a cockroach problem but want confirmation before calling a pest controller, look out for the signs to gauge a better idea of the scale of your cockroach problem.
Smears & Droppings
You might find dark smears in areas where the floor meets the wall or along the skirting boards. If you find a mess that looks like black pepper or coffee grinds behind cupboards or under kitchen units, it could be the signs of an infestation.
Some species of cockroach, like the German cockroach, create a musty, almond-like odour that won’t shift. If you notice a stale smell that you can’t get rid of, check for cockroaches.
Cockroach egg sacs hold many eggs. If you spot the sacs, which are a light brown in colour but turn black, it’s likely a cockroach nest is nearby.
Nymph Skins
Cockroaches shed their skins between five and eight times before they reach adulthood. If you find skins, you’ll probably find adult cockroaches nearby.

Professional Cockroach Treatment

It’s vital to deal with cockroaches quickly. They are known carriers of diseases including dysentery and cholera but asthma is perhaps the biggest concern as the droppings and shed body parts can trigger an attack. They spread disease by walking across surfaces.

Cockroaches are tough and can handle extremely adverse conditions. They tend to favour warm and humid environments, although some can live in cooler climates such as drains. They’re attracted to food sources and can survive with little or no food for long periods. Good cleaning, removing food sources and clearing clutter can help to prevent the need for cockroach pest control.

In some cases, they are resistant to pesticides, so you should call our professional cockroach treatment experts if you think you have a cockroach problem. Over the counter products might not be effective and are often hazardous to humans too.

If it’s a commercial property that’s suffering, your reputation could be at risk. However, Able Group cockroach extermination experts are on hand 24 hours a day, every day, to help. Our services are discreet too.

We can also help with ongoing cockroach treatment management and advise on future prevention. Choose Able Group for cockroach treatment near me.

Common cockroach pests
While there are many thousands of cockroach species only a handful live in habitation with humans and even less are regarded as pests.
Oriental cockroaches
A type of cockroach commonly found in dark, moist areas such as basements and sewers. Dark brown or black they are typically larger than other species. Oriental cockroaches move slowly and prefer a diet of decaying organic matter. When disturbed, they may emit a strong, unpleasant odour.
German cockroaches
Widespread and troublesome they are small, measuring about 1/2 to 5/8 inches. German cockroaches are excellent climbers and infest homes and buildings rapidly. They prefer warm and humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms and have a diverse diet consuming a wide range of food sources.
Brown banded cockroaches
Brown banded cockroaches have a light brown or tan colour with distinctive lighter bands across their wings and abdomen. They prefer drier environments, including bedrooms and living rooms. Brown banded cockroaches are skilled climbers and hide their eggs in furniture and sheltered areas.
American cockroaches
They can reach lengths of up to 1.5 inches and have a reddish-brown colour with a yellowish figure-eight pattern on the back of their head. They prefer warm and humid environments and are often found in basements, sewers, and dark, moist areas. They are strong runners and can fly short distances.
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