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Dead animal removal services

Discovering the remains of a dead animal on your property can be an unsettling and uneasy experience. Not knowing the cause of death of the animal can make you hesitant to approach. This is where you need a qualified and skilled pest controller to dispose of the body with care. This will eliminate the risk of potential health hazards.

If you notice a pungent smell from under your property, it could point towards having a dead animal stuck under the house. It is not uncommon for some animals to hide shortly before they pass away. This means locating them can be a harder task than you would think. Our Able Group pest controllers local to you can take this job off your hands by removing the body from your property and disposing of it correctly.

Our pest controllers ensure that they remove the body of the animal in line with all health and safety regulations. We will deliver it in a tight, air sealed plastic bag to the closest incinerator to ensure that no diseases are spread. 

Is there a dead animal in my property?
Unless there are remains in clear sight, you may not know that there is a dead animal in your property. But there are some warning signs to look out for. 
A foul smell
An unavoidable consequence of having a dead animal in your property is the smell. It will get so pungent that it will be impossible not to detect after a certain amount of time. As the dead animal’s body begins to decompose, the smell might not be so bad, but after a short amount of time, it will become overpowering. 
Damp spots
As disgusting as it sounds, the decomposing remains will start to liquify. Over time, this liquid could soak into your walls or ceiling (depending on where the animal died). These damp spots can, unfortunately, cause damage to your property's structure. 
Flies get a good source of nutrients from rotting objects, whether that be fruit or a dead animal. They also like to lay their eggs on animal remains as it provides food for the larvae when they hatch. If you do notice an uptick in flies around your home, there might be a dead animal somewhere. 
Dead animals we can help remove
Rats & mice
Our experts use specialist equipment to help locate and remove dead rats and mice from your property. Nothing is above our capability, and our team strive to provide the best service available. By taking all the necessary precautions, we guarantee a fast and hygienic dead animal removal service.  
As the fox population continues to grow and their natural habitat reduces, the chances of finding a dead fox on your property has never been higher. Unfortunately, most local councils no longer offer to remove a dead fox, so our expert pest controllers can collect and safely dispose of one for you instead. 
Finding a dead bird in your home can be an unpleasant experience and can upsetting for some people. But don't worry! Our professional bird removal team are certified and equipped to come to your home and remove the dead animal quickly and hygienically. 
We will discreetly remove and effectively dispose of a squirrel that has died on your property. One of our dead animal removal experts can come at a convenient time to remove the carcass and decontaminate any affected areas. 
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