able old homes
Older Homes
Some common plumbing system problems in older homes. Maintaining your home's plumbing system is an important...
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Able save water
Tips on Saving Water
Whether we’re drinking it, using it to wash ourselves or clean our belongings, water is a precious...
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Smart Devices
How Smart Devices Can Help Get The Most Out Of Your Home and Energy
For most of us, having functioning lights and other electrics is enough to ask for – but how much...
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The benefits of upgrading to a modern fuse board
The fuse board is a vital but perhaps forgotten piece of equipment in most households and premises.  It’s...
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Do I Need to Upgrade My Fuse Board?
As a homeowner, it's important to keep all of the essential components and functions of your home in...
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The importance of regular lock servicing for your business
Regular lock servicing is an important aspect of maintaining the security of any business. You need good...
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Tips on Securing Your Home
Whilst keeping your home secure and safe from burglaries can be a concern all year round, there are certain...
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Staying safe at home: electrical safety tips
We rely on our electrical appliances around the home every day. From the moment the alarm rings in the...
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How keeping your drains clear can help the environment too
We take drains for granted, thinking that they can take anything we throw at them. The same could be...
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The Best Type of Boiler for You
If you’re thinking about getting a new boiler, you might be unsure which type is right for you....
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Electrical inspection responsibilities as a landlord
All electrical systems and appliances will decline over time, which is why it’s important to have...
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How to unblock a sink
Blocked sinks aren’t uncommon, but when they happen they can cause a huge strain on your day-to-day...
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How to Survive Cockroaches
Though you’re bound to see plenty of insects thriving during summer, it’s actually towards...
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How To Save Electricity and Lower Your Bills
As the cost-of-living crisis continues to put a strain on your finances, and energy bills rising further...
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What to Do When You Lose Your Keys
It’s nice to get out more often, whether it’s to socialise or just go for a walk and enjoy...
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The Right Time to Call for Pest Control
Pests come in and out of season, with some more likely than others to creep their way into your home...
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Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season
If you had the choice, you probably wouldn’t want to spend your weekend unclogging the gutter and...
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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Home Repairs
It’s common for people to put off home repairs, instead worrying how much the work is going to...
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