Tips on Securing Your Home

  • 9th January 2023

Whilst keeping your home secure and safe from burglaries can be a concern all year round, there are certain times of year where it may be especially important to stay vigilant. Holiday periods and the summer can be times where a burglary is more likely.

It makes sense, as during these times you may be venturing out more. You’ll either be going away on holiday, going out to do some shopping or off to see family and friends, leaving your belongings unguarded. 

So how do you prevent opportunist thieves from striking your property? Here are some tips on securing your home…

Don’t make it obvious

The first tip is to try not to make it too obvious that the house is left unoccupied. This might sound simple, but can sometimes be challenging. You may overlook certain details, such as having a trusted neighbour or a family member make sure that your mail doesn’t pile up if you’re away for long periods. The same could be said for packages left in your porch whilst you’re at work.

The majority of burglars will only strike when they’re certain a house is completely empty, so doing what you can to make it appear someone is home will stop them from taking the risk.

Leaving a light on

If you’re only out for a few hours, leaving a light on should be effective enough to deter most criminals. Some may also leave a TV on or a radio, but needlessly using electricity could also be a concern, especially if you’re away for a longer period of time. 

In the case of going on holiday, consider using timers on your lighting, or upgrade to smart devices. You will then be able to set your lighting to come on at times that will make it look like you’re still at home.

Electrical matters are one of the 7 different trades that we specialise in, so if you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your electric usage, or install smart features so you can easily turn lights on and off, contact us for fast responding local electricians.

Installing some motion sensor lights outside in places like your driveway may also help to put off any would-be criminals. You could also go a bit more in depth and get a security system such as cameras and an alarm installed. There are solutions of varying levels, from full systems to small things like doorbell cameras.

Locks and keys

One of the most important aspects of securing your home is checking that you regularly lock everything properly, this includes your windows. It’s also worth updating your locks so that you know they’re working efficiently and can’t be easily exploited.

If you need any kind of lock servicing, we have expert locksmiths available in emergencies, 24 hours a day – including weekends. So if you have experienced a break in, or you’ve just been locked out, we are here to help.

Wondering what to do if you lose your keys? You can read more advice here.

It’s also worth mentioning that hiding a spare key under your doormat or plant pot is a huge risk, everyone knows these hiding places, especially aspiring intruders. Instead, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or a relative that lives nearby. You could also try a combination lockbox for keys if you don’t have anyone to leave them with, just make sure you hide it somewhere - the further away from the front door, the better. 

Don’t forget the locks in your back garden, patio doors, garage, gate, shed or any other form of outside storage.

Doors and windows

As well as the locks, you should make sure your doors and windows are in working order. If a problem is discovered, it could invalidate your insurance claim whether the burglar exploited it or not.

Our glaziers are available at a time that suits you for repairs or replacements, we also offer a boarding up service in the event of a broken window. Whether it’s by burglary or accident, boarding up your window is a quick way of providing safety and protection for a home or a business. We can be there to do the job, morning or night. 

Make sure to close all doors and windows when you go out, and try to get any issues fixed as soon as possible.

Other useful tips

Don’t make things easy for burglars. Whenever you go out, don’t leave out valuables that are easy to grab. This means things like laptops, iPads, portable gaming devices, jewellery, and so on. Try to put them away in a drawer, under your bed, or perhaps consider buying a safe if you’re especially worried. 

Of course a burglar can still find these items if they want to, but it makes things that bit more difficult than if you just left your laptop or other device out on your sofa or bed. 

Similarly, don’t advertise these items either. That means not leaving them in view of windows, instead shutting your curtains or blinds. 

You should also take care when disposing of the packaging for these sorts of items, as it’s a dead give away. Don’t leave the box for your new laptop out amongst rubbish for days, signalling to criminals what you’ve just bought. Dispose of it discreetly.

How we can help you keep your home secure

At Able Group we are available 24/7, 365 days a year - specialising in 7 different trades with expert engineers in glazing, locks, plumbing, drains, gas & heating, electrics and pest control.

We can use our knowledge in a combination of these trades to make sure your home is protected by repairing, replacing, or updating the things you need to improve your security. 

Just give us a call on 0330 108 4111

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