The Best Solutions For Keeping Cool This Summer

  • 31st July 2023
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Keeping Cool This Summer

The past few summers feel as though the UK is getting hotter and hotter, and thanks to higher humidity levels and buildings designed to keep in warmth rather than keep us cool, we tend to feel it at extremes.

If you’re dreading unescapable heat and sleepless nights this summer, we have some tips for staying cool…

Using Fans and Installing More Electrical Outlets

One of the simplest ways of staying cool is by using fans. Work out which of your rooms you’ll need a fan in and by one or two before the summer demand puts them out of stock. Read other buyer’s reviews and remember to keep the fans clean to keep them effective.

To ensure that you can place your fans in the optimum spot, you may need to install more plug outlets or get extension leads. Our electricians can install new outlets safely for you, they can also assess your living space and give suggestions on installations for energy efficiency and keeping cool.

Installing Ceiling Fans

How about going one better than a regular fan and installing ceiling fans to keep you cool? These are tricky to install on your own, so you might need a professional, but they are good way of making you feel cooler in an otherwise stuffy room.

They also have the added benefit of helping you feel warmer in winter, simply reverse the fan direction so it pushes back down the warm air that has risen to the ceiling.

Open Windows and Doors

Being able to open your doors and windows when needed is important for staying cool, ventilation, and safety and security reasons. Many people will only key in locksmith near me on their phones for emergencies such as getting locked out, but making sure your locks are working properly is always important and you should have a professional check every few years, getting repairs when you need them.

Once you know your windows and doors can be opened and put on a catch reliably, you’ll know you can get proper airflow circulating around the house at any time.

Improving air circulation is crucial for maintaining a cool indoor environment. You can start by opening windows during the cooler hours of the day and then combine this with fans or ceiling fans to strategically circulate fresh air throughout your home.

You can also create cross ventilation by opening windows and doors on opposite sides of your home, this will cause a cross breeze and allows fresh air to flow through your home and cool down indoor spaces.

Closing your curtains or blinds during the hottest parts of the day, when the sun is shining on your property, can also help to block and keep intense heat out.

Glazing and Proper Insulation

A well-insulated home not only keeps you warm in winter but also cool in summer. Inspect your windows and doors for any unwanted draughts entering your home. Seal cracks and gaps in walls too.

Proper insulation can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing reliance on other methods of cooling down such as blasting fans 24/7.

Your glazing makes a big difference in heat entering and exiting your home, so give us a call to arrange an appointment with one of our glazing specialists.

Cool Down With Water

Your plumbing is important when it comes to hot days. Being able to properly cool down and clean off all the sweat with showers at the right temperature is important for feeling refreshed. You’ll also want to make sure you have access to a cold glass of water whenever possible, it’s important to stay adequately hydrated and prevent overheating.

An inflatable pool, even a small one just to dip your feet in, can help with cooling when spending time in the garden. If your plumbing isn’t up to scratch, we’re here to help with all your water woes.

Is It Worth Installing Air Conditioning?

In short, probably not. Air conditioning is not usually found in UK homes and is also costly in terms of installation and energy. You won’t rely on it as much as hotter parts of the world would, so it’s difficult to justify. There are also other downsides too, such as the noise and the drying effect air conditioning can have on skin.

Instead, focus on the tips above – opening windows, using fans, and having cooler showers should be enough to keep you comfortable.

We Can Help You Stay Cool

As the temperature rises, implementing the best solutions for keeping cool this summer becomes a top priority. From upgrading your cooling systems and energy-efficient glazing to proper insulation and landscaping for shade, various strategies (or a combination of each) can significantly impact your summer comfort.

As experts in 7 different trades including electrics, plumbing, and glazing, we can help provide solutions that ensure you have a refreshingly cool and relaxing summer.

Just give as a call on 0330 108 4111

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