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Ant infestations can become a real problem when left untreated. These insects will travel for hours in search of food, usually leaving trails for other ants to follow. Don’t leave an ant infestation to sort itself out, but instead call our local ant control in Cannock for help.

With almost 30 years of experience providing exceptional ant control services throughout Cannock, we are the ones to call when you discover an infestation. Our helpful advisers will provide you with advice and the next steps you can take, whilst working hard to ensure one of our professionals are with you to tackle your ant problem fast.

Years experience


Years experience

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Jobs completed




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Average price

Check out the price of our local pest control services within Cannock

We have been offering quality ant control services in the Cannock area for over 30 years. In the past 12 months the average price of an ant control job is £142.

In the last 12 months the price for a job in and around Cannock has ranged from between £124 and £216.

* Data has been extracted from our local database for the past 12 months

Why choose our ant control experts in Cannock

Fast response
If you require ant control services in Cannock that has a quick turn-around, Able Group is for you, responding 24 hours a day, only 30-90 minutes* after your call.
No call out charge
As a company, we feel it is wrong to charge a call-out fee. We strive to provide you with local ant control in Cannock that is both fair and competitively priced.
Pay on completion
Pay on completion
Unless a deposit for parts is needed, we will never take money from you up-front. When you use our ant control services in Cannock, you will only pay when you are completely satisfied.
Our ant control service has been used by thousands of homes and businesses across the country, with our local ant controllers highly recommended by trade bodies such as CHAS.
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Get rid of ants in your property. A fast and efficient service

Ants might not be known for carrying diseases, but they can bring in an array of nasty things from the outdoors into your home. You might think an ant infestation can be treated by yourself, but when not done correctly, they can easily come back.

Signs of ants in your property
If you think you may have an ant infestation, here are the signs to look out for:
Ant paths
Ants sometimes use a chemical to attract other ants to a food source, so an influx of ants coming and going is a sign of infestation.
Ants nest
To locate an ants nest, look out for piles of soil or wood shavings. They will usually be located in dark corners or in small holes in the wall.
Clusters of ants
The most obvious sign of an infestation is a large number of ants in areas such as the kitchen, near bins and near food sources.
Local ant control experts in Cannock

Able Group are second to none when it comes to providing expert ant control services. Operating in Cannock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when a problem arises in your home or commercial property, we are on hand to provide a swift and safe solution. 

Our local ant control experts are fully trained and equipped to eradicate any infestation, no matter how great or small it may be. There's not a lot we haven't seen - or tackled - before, so you know you are in safe hands. If you suspect you may have an infestation in your business and need a professional you can count on to be there outside of typical business hours; you can count on us to get it sorted quickly.

Most common ants in the UK
Garden ants
Perhaps the best known species of ant to those in the UK is the common garden ant (Lasius Niger). These ants rarely cause damage to plants, however, they do feed on sugary foods and can be a nuisance if a colony invades your home.
Flying ants
Flying ants are the fertile male and female ants whose only purpose is to mate and start new colonies elsewhere. So, if you spot flying ants, it usually means the start of a new colony.
Pharaoh ants
Commonly called red ants, they live in colonies that can vary in size, although colonies are made up of several queens. Swarms can take place at any time of the year.
Meadow ants
Meadow ants are commonly found in gardens up and down the country. Yellow in colour, these ants build mounds in gardens and can be often mistaken for pharaoh ants due to their similar colour.
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