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Pest Control Mice Treatment in Aberaeron

As well as being harmful to your health, mice can cause damage to your home. But mice problems can be treated effectively and quickly by calling in an Able Group mice exterminator in Aberaeron. Mice infestations can occur suddenly, and what’s more mice spread disease through their urine and faeces. They also carry other pests, such as fleas, which can soon infest your home. If you have a mouse problem, deal with the issue sooner rather than later. Call on Able’s certified professional mice removal Aberaeron services today.

Why Choose Our Professional Mice Removal in Aberaeron?

Fast Response
If you require a mice treatment service that has a quick turn-around, Able Group is for you, responding 24 hours a day, only 30-90 minutes* after your call.
No Call Out Charge
As a company, we feel it is wrong to charge a call-out fee. We strive to provide you with a mice treatment service that is both fair and competitively priced.
Pay on completion
Pay on Completion
Unless a deposit for parts is needed, we will never take money from you up-front. When you use our service, you will only pay when you are completely satisfied.
Our mice control services have been used by thousands of homes and businesses across the country, with our local pest control team highly recommended by trade bodies such as CHAS.
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Timely, pleasant, professional and most importantly neutralised the wasp nest!
The gentleman came at the time given. He was considerate to our situation and immediately started to investigate. He left poison in the roof space and the cellar and we confidence that this would solve the mice attendance.
Very pleased.
i called able group with a wasp nest…
i called able group with a wasp nest issue and next day got a pest control engineer out called Jason, he sorted the job in no time, no more wasps, excellent service, will call again if needed

Neil Oakes
Pest control
I used Able Group to book a pest control expert and the person who attended my property was excellent and a very nice and knowledgeable chap. Communications with the company were good and I would recommend them to find the best local representative in your area to deal with your problem.
Pest control at its best
Very efficient; very informative; very prompt, comprehensive service.
Many thanks for providing peace of mind.
Mr Phil Harris
Quick answer on Telephone and prompt…
Quick answer on Telephone and prompt reply to my questions. Plus the pest controller arrived on time.
Quality service
Quality service, used them for pest control services and they done a good job in a really quick timeframe. Pest controller was really friendly and knowledgeable!
Pest control
Quick, professional, friendly and great work. Very pleased
Trudy Hope
Mice Treatment
Local Mice Exterminators In Aberaeron

Have you started to notice shredded papers or marks on the skirting boards? Or have you discovered an infestation that needs to be resolved fast? Able Group local mice exterminators in Aberaeron are ready to tackle your problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer planned and reactive mice control treatment, so whether you need a rapid response, or you would like a pest control professional to be there at a time that suits you and your business, leave it to our experts.

Certified Mice Treatment Aberaeron

Able’s mice control specialists are fully certified and experienced in all aspects of mice control treatment for both domestic and commercial properties. We can effectively treat your infestation using poison or trapping methods and ensure that any entry points are located and sealed off. Our professional mice removal Aberaeron is here to eradicate your problem fast. We will also provide additional advice and support to prevent a further infestation in the future.

Fixing a Mouse Problem
Remove Food Sources
Once we’ve treated your infestation, cleaning up your crumbs and putting food such as cereals in metal or plastic containers will help keep them at bay. Clean around pet bowls too.
Act Quickly
Mice have a high reproduction rate so if you think you have an infestation, act fast. The longer the problem is left, the more of a challenge the solution is. But we can help.
Professional Help
Mice problems can escalate fast and the only way of guaranteeing an infestation is properly treated is with professional help. Our local mice exterminators Aberaeron can rid you of your mice and stop them returning.
Mice Treatment
Pest Control Mice Treatment Aberaeron

Common methods of treating mice problems are poisoning or trapping and we may use a combination of both. We use three types of poisons. Each is a professional standard and our treatments are in line with the HSE and British standards.

The Signs of An Infestation
One of the first signs that homeowners notice is the presence of mice droppings. As mice like to stay away from open spaces, you might find these along your skirting boards or in your kitchen cupboards.
Grease Marks
Mice have glands that produce a greasy oil that keeps their coats in good condition. So, as they move through your home, they will leave marks on the floor, skirting boards or any other furniture that they brush up against.
Damage to Food Packaging
The biggest reason that mice will choose your house is if you leave food and open packaging within their reach. So, a significant sign that you have an infestation is if you notice damage to your food packaging.
Alive or Dead Mice
Mice usually come out during the night as they like to remain hidden. But it is possible to see them during the day if their population is growing. If you see one running across your floor or spot a carcass, it is time to call Able Group.
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