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Bee Control Abbots Ripton

Bees are vital to the environment, but a bee’s nest can pose a threat to your family, business property and pets, especially for those allergic. It’s important to get in touch with a local bee removal company as soon as you notice signs of one forming nearby.

A bee infestation can last as long as seven months if left untreated. For local bee removal in Abbots Ripton, we can help. We deal with both commercial and domestic customers, so no matter the location, you can rely on Able. Our bee control experts will know the best way to deal with the nest in the safest manner.

Why Choose Our Bee Control Exterminator In Abbots Ripton

Fast Response
If you require bee control in Abbots Ripton that has a quick turn-around, Able Group is for you, responding 24 hours a day, only 30-90 minutes* after your call.
No Call Out Charge
As a company, we feel it is wrong to charge a call-out fee. We strive to provide you with bee removal in Abbots Ripton that is both fair and competitively priced.
Pay on completion
Pay on Completion
Unless a deposit for parts is needed, we will never take money from you up-front. When you use our service, you will only pay when you are completely satisfied.
Our local bee exterminators have been used by thousands of homes and businesses across the country, with our bee nest removal service highly recommended by trade bodies such as CHAS.
Bee treatment from
Subject to site survey
Timely, pleasant, professional and most importantly neutralised the wasp nest!
The gentleman came at the time given. He was considerate to our situation and immediately started to investigate. He left poison in the roof space and the cellar and we confidence that this would solve the mice attendance.
Very pleased.
i called able group with a wasp nest…
i called able group with a wasp nest issue and next day got a pest control engineer out called Jason, he sorted the job in no time, no more wasps, excellent service, will call again if needed

Neil Oakes
Pest control
I used Able Group to book a pest control expert and the person who attended my property was excellent and a very nice and knowledgeable chap. Communications with the company were good and I would recommend them to find the best local representative in your area to deal with your problem.
Pest control at its best
Very efficient; very informative; very prompt, comprehensive service.
Many thanks for providing peace of mind.
Mr Phil Harris
Quick answer on Telephone and prompt…
Quick answer on Telephone and prompt reply to my questions. Plus the pest controller arrived on time.
Quality service
Quality service, used them for pest control services and they done a good job in a really quick timeframe. Pest controller was really friendly and knowledgeable!
Pest control
Quick, professional, friendly and great work. Very pleased
Trudy Hope

Safe Bee Nest Removal in Abbots Ripton

Bees play an important role in the environment. Without pollinating trees and plants, food production for other animals wouldn’t be possible. That’s why it’s key to get expert bee removal in Abbots Ripton to take control of a bee’s nest. You don’t want to disrupt it and risk getting stung.

If you aren’t sure which nest it is, our experts will be able to use the correct measures to take care of it.

Signs of a Bee Nest
A bee nest can sometimes be mistaken for a wasp nest. Wasps are a lot more dangerous than bees, so make sure to keep your distance from the nest just in case.
Large number of bees
The best way to spot a potential bee’s nest is noticing an excessive number of bees in one location. They can fly around in multiple directions and will cause a lot of noise, so it should be very easy to spot.
Dark patches on walls
Honeybee nests will cause dark patches on the walls or ceilings. This indicates that they have created a nest in between your walls where the honey is being produced. This is a clear sign that you have a honeybee infestation.
Nests are usually found in enclosed areas such as roofs, loft spaces, ceilings, in trees and under ground. Keep an eye out in locations like this if you have suspicions of a bee’s nest.
Local Bee Nest Removal In Abbots Ripton

If you have discovered a bee’s nest in or around your home or business premises and you are based in Abbots Ripton, you can rely on Able 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our skilled bee exterminator in Abbots Ripton specialise in all fumigation techniques and fully certified. With almost 30 years of experience in the bee control trade, there aren't many infestations we haven't identified - or treated - before.

We treat a range of pests throughout Abbots Ripton, so if you have a bee infestation that you need resolved by an expert you can trust, leave it to us. We understand that when you have unwanted visitors in your home or business, you need them to be gone fast. That's why our bee removal specialists operate around the clock, delivering a rapid emergency response for when you need us fast. Not only this, but we will provide you with helpful advice to reduce the risk of a future infestation occurring.

Bee Facts
Not All Bees Can Sting
Only female worker bees and the queen can sting. And they will only do so if they feel threatened or trying to protect their nest. Worker bees will die once they have stung someone, whereas the queen can survive afterwards.
Bees Are Very Helpful
Bees are responsible for a lot more than you might think. Aside from producing honey, bees pollinate over a third of all food produced globally. Without this pollination, the availability of fruit and vegetables would dramatically decrease quickly.
There are 1000's of Species
There are over 20,000 different species of bees in the world. Bees live in colonies that contain the queen bee, the worker bee and the drone. Worker bees and the queen bee are female, but only the queen bee can reproduce. All drones are male.
Not All Bees Hibernate During Winter
Only the queen will hibernate when the rest of the bee colony is dying off. Honey bees do not hibernate at all and will instead cluster together using their bodies to generate heat.
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