Winter Survival Checklist

  • 8th January 2024
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Whilst winter can be fun, with cosy evenings indoors, unfortunately, it also brings challenges for your property.

From freezing pipes to soaring energy bills, this season demands a bit of attention and effort to keep your home warm and safe.

In this blog, we’ll provide a checklist of things you need to be aware of in order for your house to survive the winter. Covering common maintenance issues and helpful tips to navigate them…

Plumbing Panics

When it comes to plumbing, not only do you have complications from the cold to deal with, but you also have the additional usage of taps and toilets that is likely to happen around busy times. This is because you’ll likely have more visitors and more food to throw away.

Make sure your toilets are in full working order and dispose of food responsibly via a bin rather than a sink. Too much food down a sink can lead to blockages.

Also, when pipes are exposed to freezing temperatures and the water in them turns to ice it can lead to blockages. To stop water freezing, let it flow regularly, try pouring boiling water or unblocker down the drain, and insulating the pipe – especially if it’s an exterior pipe such as the one in your garden or your loft.

Signs of blocked pipes include slow draining and gurgling noises. If left untreated, pipes can expand and burst, causing leaks or floods. Make sure you tend to a leak quickly, as it’s a problem that just gets worse. Contact us for a fast response to your plumbing problems.

Drainage Drama

Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, which can cause water to seep into your home. Clear leaves, debris, and any ice buildup from gutters to ensure proper water drainage. Consider installing gutter guards to prevent clogs and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

Window Woes

Windows play a crucial role in maintaining a warm and cosy home. Check for draughts around windows and doors and seal any gaps with weatherstripping. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient glazing to enhance insulation, keeping your home comfortable and reducing heating costs.

Lighting without the Shock

Everyone loves twinkling lights, but they can also contribute to higher energy bills. Opt for LED lights, which are not only energy-efficient but are also longer-lasting. Also, use timers to control when the lights are on, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and consider using solar-powered decorations to further cut down on electricity usage.

Electrical Safety

With the abundance of electronic devices and festive decorations, electrical safety is paramount. Avoid overloading outlets, and use surge protectors for electronic devices. Inspect your lights for frayed wires or damaged sockets, and replace any faulty decorations immediately

Home Security

Unfortunately, extended darker hours can attract opportunistic intruders. Ensure your home is secure by upgrading your locks, especially if you've recently moved in or have lost your keys. Consider smart locks for added security, and always double-check windows and doors before leaving home.

Staying Pest-Free

The warmth of your home is inviting not only to guests but also to pests seeking shelter from the cold. Seal any cracks or openings in your home's exterior to prevent pests like small rodents from entering. Dispose of rubbish promptly, and store food in airtight containers. If needed, call us for professional pest control services.


Power cuts are never convenient, but this is especially the case in winter. Be prepared with essentials such as blankets, candles, torches (so you can save your phone battery), batteries, portable chargers, and non-perishable food items. Have emergency contacts readily available and familiarise yourself with the location of shut-off valves for water and gas.

Smart Energy Practices

Embrace smart energy practices to conserve energy and save on bills. Insulate your home and use heavy curtains or thermal blinds to retain heat. Dress warmly with layers and use blankets to stay cosy. This will allow you to lower the thermostat and therefore reduce heating costs.

Get Your Heating System Checked

Before the winter chill sets in, it's essential to have your heating system inspected. Schedule a professional maintenance check to ensure everything is in working order. Keep everything clean to improve efficiency and consider investing in a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures and save on energy costs.

Stay Winter Ready with Able

Navigating winter requires a bit of preparation and vigilance, but with our Winter Survival Checklist, you'll be well-equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

So, get ready to enjoy a cosy and stress-free season. And remember, if any part of your household needs some help getting winter ready, we are here to help whether it’s your plumbing, glazing, heating, or any of the 7 different trades we offer. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just give us a call on 0330 108 4111

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