Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Home Repairs

  • 1st August 2022

It’s common for people to put off home repairs, instead worrying how much the work is going to cost. This may lead to some quick DIY that puts up with the problem rather than fixing it completely. 

However, you shouldn’t rely on temporary solutions to keep you going for too long, delaying repair work for months and maybe even years will only cost more in the long run. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you, here’s why you should get maintenance work done as soon as possible…


The repair problems you should definitely not ignore are ones related to safety. Whilst you can do simple things like reset a boiler by yourself, most gas related issues are legally required to have an expert certified on the Gas Safe Register to work on it, this negates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leak or even fire and explosion. 


Most safety issues will also resolve health concerns but there are a few that might not be so obvious, such as leaks. Whilst a leak can eventually lead to property damage, there are other effects that can crop up much sooner…

Leaks and mould

Leaks create a damp environment which then causes the development of mould. Mould and damp can cause or worsen certain health issues like allergies and respiratory problems like asthma. It’s important to keep fresh healthy air circulating indoors. 

Pest invasion

Damp environments and mould can also lead to the presence of unwelcome visitors like pests and creepy crawlies. Discourage pests by keeping a clean environment free of clutter and damp. 

If you have run into a problem with a pest infestation that you can’t seem to solve yourself, one of the seven different trades we specialise in is pest control. Whether it’s an outbreak of bugs that won’t go away or you’ve discovered a dead animal like a fox in your garden, we can quickly and discreetly remove the problem for you.


Whilst cost motivates people to put off getting the issue solved, it should actually motivate you to get things done as soon as possible. As mentioned, the longer you put off a problem, the more expensive it could become. The problem will become a bigger issue and secondary issues might come from it. This will mean you’ll need to hire other professionals to fix what was once one problem. 

Additional problems

For example, putting off the repair of a leak will lead to water damage that can rot your floorboards or wreak havoc on your ceiling. This will mean having to hire a plasterer and other experts, as well as the plumber you originally needed. 


Earlier this year, research conducted by the Gas Safe Register found that half of the 2,000 homeowners they surveyed admitted that not acting when they first suspected an issue has cost them more money than early maintenance would have. 

The average cost per home is estimated at just under £2,000, whilst 5% (or one in 20) have had to spend £5,000 or more – enough to motivate you to avoid making the same mistake.

Start saving

Of course, it can be incredibly difficult gathering the funds for a repair, so just try to save a little each month with the aim to fix issues as soon as possible. If you think of tackling your repair that way, rather than ignoring it for a long time, it becomes much more realistic and doable. It’s better than just living with it until you’re left with no other choice, and you need to spend thousands. 

If you have multiple problems, ones that are a safety concern will be the priority. The second priority will be issues that get worse over time, such as leaks.


Another thing to consider is if the problem affects bills, such as if the boiler or water isn’t functioning efficiently and you have to overcompensate. This will obviously affect certain bills such as water or heating. At a time where energy bills are the highest they’ve ever been, you’ll no doubt want to get issues fixed as early as possible to save money.

Selling your home

It could also severely affect the value of your home if you try to sell without fixing these issues. It shouldn’t affect your ability to sell the house though, as some people will see it as an opportunity to fix up and add value. Alternatively, just think of the value you could add to the property yourself if you do fix things and sell up, the repair work could pay for itself.

Stats and issues

According to the Gas Safe Register’s research, the top five most troublesome issues have been named as:

  • Leaky taps
  • Damp or Mould
  • Clogged guttering
  • Draughty windows or doors
  • Cracks in walls

As you can see, these issues are all quite similar. Leaky taps, damp and clogged guttering are all water-based problems, and excess water can lead to damp and mould, as well as other damage. Draughty windows or doors and cracks in the walls are also similar, as they mean less insulation in the home and could lead to you using more energy to heat up your home. Each issue has a knock-on effect, so it’s worth preventing those secondary effects by tackling things at an early stage.

The most expensive issues

The issues that are most expensive if left to fix late are related to the most troublesome, they are:

  • Rotting wooden decking (£3,344 average cost)
  • Leaking pipes (£2,520)
  • Boilers making sounds (£2,333)
  • Lazy yellow flames on gas appliances (£3,250)
  • Black sooty marks or stains on gas appliances (£3,239)

Rotten wooden decking is from excess moisture and may be prevented with sealant. Issues like lazy yellow flames and black sooty marks on gas appliances are warning signs of a safety problem that could lead to life threatening carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Knowing that these signs are warnings of a safety risk is important as the Gas Safe Register’s research found that there was a lack of awareness of these warning signs being so serious. It’s why booking an annual Gas Safety Check is so essential.

What to do

Whether the reason is your health, finances or safety, it’s crucial not to bury your head in the sand if a home maintenance issue arises. The minute you suspect an issue, start researching what you can do to fix or prevent the issue, whether that’s by hiring a professional or something you can do yourself. 

If a professional is required, start a plan of action to save up money if you don’t have the funds readily available. Remember, you will preserve money and perhaps even your health in the long run.

We specialise in seven different trades at Able Group, from plumbing and gas to glazing experts, so if you need help, don’t put it off, get in touch today.

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