How Electricians Can Improve Your Home or Business

  • 17th May 2022
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Safety Testing

Dealing with elements like water, gas and electricity can be difficult. Attempting to tackle your own plumbing and electrical issues can be frustrating, time consuming and you could end up with an unsuccessful result. While it’s understandable that people try to fix things themselves to save money, not knowing what you’re doing could do more harm than good. It can also be dangerous, with electrics you are at risk of being shocked and with most, if not all gas tasks, a Gas Safety registered expert is legally required to undertake any repairs.

Whilst there are many tasks you can solve yourself; it is important to know your limits with DIY jobs. In this blog we’ll be looking at how electricians can help you.

Saving money & energy efficiency

While most people perform DIY in order to save money, hiring a professional could actually end up more cost effective, not to mention save time too. They will have all the right tools for the job, meaning you don’t have to spend money on safety gloves and other equipment like you would if you performed the task yourself.

An electrician can also use their expertise to help you save money by improving the energy efficiency in your home – especially important since the energy price cap has recently increased by 54%.

Generally, the new equipment that you get installed will be designed to be much more energy efficient than older installations, so consider getting new electrics put in rather than fixing things if you have the funds and your existing equipment is getting considerably old.


A professional electrician can even perform an assessment for you and make suggestions on what needs improving the most. It could be simply updating appliances, like getting an energy saving refrigerator, or it could be installing new lighting with dimmer switches so that your lightbulbs won’t have to use as much energy. Doing this will mean your bulbs will last longer, meaning you spend less money constantly replacing them.

Installing upgrades

Upgrading to smart products and systems can also help you to change habits that consume energy. Being able to easily switch off lights via a mobile app, remote controller or by using a timer will mean you won’t leave lights and other devices on all night to drain energy.

Commercial electricians can also help install these smart systems into properties used for business to reduce high bills from issues like lights being constantly on. See more on how electricians for businesses can help below…

Commercial electricians

If you own any kind of business, hiring an electrician can improve things and keep the business running smoothly. Here are a number of things commercial electricians can help with:

PAT Testing
PAT testing

Electrical experts can carry out a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) on a range of equipment such as:

·       Office equipment like PCs and monitors

·       Printers and photocopiers

·       Refreshment appliances in any workplace like kettles and vending machines

·       The battery charger for any cordless item (such as power tools) but not the cordless item itself

Where is PAT testing needed?

PAT testing is important in almost any workplace setting, whether office based or an environment like construction. The law surrounding PAT testing requires landlords, employers and the self-employed to have the safety test performed on their portable appliances, making sure they are suitable for their intended use.

What appliances need a PAT test?

Equipment that is classified as “portable” and needs a PAT test include any appliances that use a plug and socket or any kind of flexible cable. In fact, many things that require to be plugged into a power source also come under the “portable” classification, even large items that most wouldn’t consider to be portable, such as dishwashers or electric towel rails.

Safety testing

Getting both PAT and general safety tests performed will minimise risk of electric shock in the workplace, and is essential for industries that rely on the safe use of electrical equipment, such as power tools in construction or demolition.

Environments like these will require more regular testing than somewhere that small and large portable appliances aren’t as heavily used, such as equipment in a rented property or hotel room.

Prevent major issues from halting business

A commercial electrician can test your circuit breaker, switchboard, other electrical systems and wiring to make sure it’s performing reliably so that you won’t suddenly be surprised by power cuts or other issues that could be prevented. Testing your circuit breaker will also make sure that no electrical problems will damage any attached equipment by power faults.

Most businesses rely on electricity to function, some more than others, so preventing any electrical issues with good regular maintenance will make sure your business doesn’t miss out on any valuable operating time. Good commercial electricians can also be called out in emergencies and will act quickly so business can carry on as usual or return to operations as soon as possible.

Some things to consider with electricity

Here are a couple of other things to consider when it comes to dealing with electrical problems, so if you’re mulling over whether to do it yourself or hire an electrician, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Don’t put issues off

As is the case with other issues with property such as plumbing or heating, if you notice any small problems or warning signs, don’t ignore them. Any strange sounds from electrical equipment or a particularly hot appliance needs investigating. Most issues can be solved quickly and shouldn’t be put off, as serious issues could potentially lead to fire.

Amateurs may have worked on your wiring before

It’s possible that a bunch of people have worked on your wiring before you owned your property. Some of these people may not have had the correct (or any) training, so if attempting your own repairs, keep this in mind. Everything may not be where it’s supposed to be, so use extra caution and don’t make assumptions.

Tackle your electrical problems today

While learning how to do basic electrical work can be incredibly useful if you have time and follow safety procedures, a reliable electrician is never too far away for a call out. At Able Group we specialise in 7 different trades, so if you have any issues you want us to take a look at, contact us today.

Simply give us a call on 0330 108 4111 to get yours booked.  

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