Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season

  • 1st August 2022

If you had the choice, you probably wouldn’t want to spend your weekend unclogging the gutter and eyeing up the boiler. But if you want to keep your home intact, it’s important to take care of your appliances.

And yes, some maintenance tasks might not be the most fun. Some may even see them as a chore. But keeping up with potential issues means you won’t need to fork out on hefty repairs when something eventually does go wrong. Especially if it could’ve been avoided all along.

There are common problems that are more likely to happen during certain times of the year, so we thought it would be helpful to break down our maintenance tips by season. This way you can understand what to look out for in the winter and things you can do in the autumn to avoid it.


Prime spring-cleaning time is the chance to open those windows and give your house a big once-over in prep for the summer. Here’s what to focus on in the spring:

Outside clean-up

You can start by giving the outdoors a clean-up, checking for any damage caused by the winter. From raking leaves to rekindling life in your flower beds, spring is a great time to bring life back to your garden. Adding a layer of mulch will help quench your plants’ thirst before a hot summer.

Check your outside taps and gutters for any damage caused by rainwater and get a professional in if you think your gutters are clogged. The spring is also a good time to repaint any chipped or peeling décor outside your home.

Schedule an HVAC system check

Lucky enough to have an HVAC system? You don’t want to leave it until the summer to check for any problems. Make sure your air conditioning is working before the heat shows up by booking a technician to conduct their biannual service.


Inspect your pipes, including under your sink, to check for any leaks. Water stains on your ceilings is another sign to look out for. If you find something you’re unsure about and can’t fix it yourself, our plumbers are experienced in all types of problems and can get to you in an emergency 24/7.

Rain can be heavy in the spring, so you need to make sure your sump pump is working correctly. A faulty sump pump won’t drain properly which will cause a lot of problems down the line.


Keeping on top of home maintenance in the summer will allow you to enjoy the hot weather, family get-togethers and BBQs without any added stress of broken appliances.

Check the sprinklers

With the extra heat, your grass and plants will require more moisture from your sprinklers. Before it gets warm, it’s important to make sure it’s working correctly. You can do this by checking for blockages or leaks. If you do notice anything, make sure to call a plumber as it could suggest that the pipes are cracked.

When it gets warm, don’t forget to soak your plants completely every couple of days early in the morning instead of smaller drizzles daily.


The summer can bring a lot of insects and pests to your home. From ants to bees and mice, infestations are more likely when the weather is warm.

For help with pest control, get in touch with one of our professionals to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Read on: what to do if you notice signs of a pest infestation



Plan for the heat

It’s best to prepare for potential heatwaves in the summer as they can come around quickly. To keep cool air in, check the weatherstrips around your windows and doors.

An easy way to avoid extra heat indoors is by keeping your blinds shut during the warmest parts of the day to avoid the sun beaming inside.


In the autumn, you’ll want to start prepping your home for the colder months. From bleeding your radiators to insulating pipes, here’s where to start:

Boiler and Radiator Checks

Before the coldness of winter hits, it should be a priority to make sure your boiler is working efficiently. If you notice any strange noises, leaking or sounds, or your heating takes a while to come on, you should get a plumber to take a look.

You should also bleed your radiators in the autumn to allow the hot water to flow freely and heat your home quickly.

Inside Renovation Projects

If you’ve wanted to renovate a room or upgrade your bathroom suite, the autumn is the best time to do so. Contractors will be freed up from their outdoor projects, meaning more availability. It’s also the weather for staying indoors, so any painting jobs you’ve been putting off can now be completed.


Ideally, you want your appliances to be working for the winter to avoid emergency call outs. The weather can be unpredictable, from snow to freezing temperatures. This is when plumbers are at their busiest, so you don’t want to run the risk of waiting for help in the cold.

Winter Prep

Stock up on wood for your fireplace, check your roof tiles are stable and prevent dampness by opening a window every now and then. 

Frozen Pipes

When it gets cold, this can cause the water in pipes to freeze which will damage your pipework and can lead to it bursting. Avoid this by insulating your pipes, run your faucet every so often to allow the water to keep moving and keep your thermostat at a steady temperature.

Heating System Check

Being left without heating or hot water during the winter is the worst timing possible, so it’s key to make sure your heating system and boiler are working correctly. As soon as you notice a sign that there could be an issue, like a fall in water pressure, get a professional in to avoid it breaking completely.

Regular checks

There are some things you should check every month to avoid unexpected problems, these include:

  • Boiler pressure
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Add salt and rinse aid to your dishwasher to avoid clogging
  • Garden maintenance
  • Check your gas and electric meter reading monthly

If you notice anything wrong with your plumbing, gas and heating or drains during your checks, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0330 108 4111

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