Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Boiler Serviced

  • 26th January 2022
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What is a boiler service?

Let’s start off with the basics. A boiler service is performed to make sure your boiler and heating system is working properly. You should book in with an engineer once a year to have yours checked to keep your boiler working efficiently.

The service should only take up to an hour, depending on whether there’s anything wrong with the appliance. A Gas Safe engineer will conduct the service and will follow a checklist to make sure all parts are working correctly and everything is running smoothly.

Why Do I Need a Boiler Service?

Keep Yourself Safe

By getting your boiler checked every year, you can make sure there are no dangerous faults that could cause you and your family harm. If a boiler’s flue becomes blocked, this can cause a carbon monoxide leak. This type of gas is both odourless and colourless, making it near impossible to notice. A boiler service will spot any serious problems like this, so it’s best to get it done annually.

Find Issues Before It’s Too Late

It’s always easier to fix a small problem than allowing the issue to get worse. It’s the same with a boiler. Ignoring the smaller issues will only make matters worse, and if you get those small issues fixed during your boiler service, you’ll avoid needing to get an expensive replacement.

Save Money in the Long Run

Although you may see a boiler service as an extra expense, it can actually save you money in the long run. That’s because it’s cheaper to fix a minor problem instead of leaving it too late and needing a complete boiler replacement. Also, when your boiler is running efficiently this can make your energy bills decrease.

It's a Legal Requirement for Landlords

Landlords must arrange a boiler service with a Gas Safe engineer and maintain copies as evidence for tenants. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the boiler, keep it as safe as possible, and report any problems to their landlord. But it is down to the landlord to make sure it is being checked by a professional every year.

Boiler Warranty

One of the main reasons a boiler service is needed is due to the boiler warranty. To keep it active, a yearly boiler service is required. Make sure to book your boiler service every year to keep your guarantee status active.

Signs you need a boiler service

Your Boiler is Between 10 - 15 Years Old

Boilers will usually last between 10 - 15 years, so if yours is around that age and is starting to cause issues, then it’s likely you’ll need to get it checked. It will probably be more cost effective to get a brand-new boiler instead of getting constant repairs, as boilers of this age will only continue to deteriorate.

Strange Noises

Has your boiler been making some odd noises? From hissing sounds to gurgling, this could suggest that there is a deposit forming. If these continue to form, the more expensive it will be to get your boiler repaired. You should get a heating engineer out as soon as you can once you start to hear noises from your boiler to avoid any further damage.

Your Radiators Are Inconsistent

Does your heating take ages to work? Are some rooms in your house colder than others? Inconsistent radiators point towards a problem with your boiler. A boiler should reach its maximum temperature quickly, working as soon as it’s switched on. If this isn’t the case for your boiler, you will need to get it serviced to uncover any issues.

Your Energy Bills are Increasing

If your boiler is being inconsistent, this can cause your energy bill to increase. Due to possibly being overworked, your boiler will work less efficiently and will therefore cost more to run. If you’re unsure whether your boiler is causing your bills to increase, check its ERP energy rating to see how efficiently your boiler is working. You can then book in a service to double check with a professional.

Your Boiler Constantly Breaks Down

You don’t want to be living with a boiler that is constantly causing problems. Being left without hot water and heating is stressful, so if yours is regularly playing up, it’s likely you’ll need your boiler replaced rather than repaired. Having a boiler service will help uncover the issue and your engineer will be able to advise whether a new fitting is required.

What happens in a boiler service?

Safety Checks

A boiler service will start off with a visual inspection to look for any noticeable signs of damage. The engineer will then move on to checking the controls, functions, and safety of the appliance, making sure everything is operating correctly. 

The construction and route of the flue will then be checked. The flue pipe is what connects the boiler to the outdoors, if this gets blocked it can cause a lot of problems. This will be checked to make sure it’s safe.


The next stage will consist of an inspection of the main components of your boiler, making sure there’s nothing wrong with them. The main burner, heat exchanger and ignition pins will then be cleaned.


A lot of tests take place during a boiler service, where many parts will be checked. These will include: flame sense device, high-limit thermostat, boiler operation, pilot burner, ventilation, heating controls, electrical wiring, boiler location, gas and pressure flow and safety devices.

Taking Record

Throughout the whole of the boiler service the engineer will take a record of each finding. This will include information such as the boiler pressure, which you will want to keep for your next inspection.

Once the service is completed, the engineer will do a final check to verify everything is working correctly, putting everything back to their original settings.

If you’re wanting to avoid those dreaded cold showers and lack of heating this winter, the most important step is to book in your annual boiler service. Take control of your heating and enjoy that peace of mind knowing your boiler is safe and working at its optimum! Give Able a ring to book yours today.

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