Common Plumbing Problems That Can Happen in the Summer

  • 17th May 2022
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Common Plumbing Problems That Can Happen In The Summer

A plumbing issue can occur for many reasons, and at any time in the year. However, the weather can have a big part to play when things go wrong.

So with the weather getting warmer, we thought it would be helpful to look at the most common plumbing problems that can be caused by the hot weather and what you can do to prevent them.

It’s handy to know the signs to understand how different seasons can cause particular plumbing problems. For example, during the winter your pipes are more likely to freeze over which can cause bursts. With this knowledge, you know to keep an eye on how your pipes sound when it gets colder.

Similarly, certain problems can arise during the summer due to an influx of use from clogged toilets to broken washing machines. Here are the most common plumbing problems to look out for in the summer and what to do to prevent them.

Shower usage

When it’s hot, it’s no secret that we sweat more. And what does sweating lead to? Taking more showers. With the amount of steam that accumulates when you have a shower, the moisture can build up and cause your fixtures to rust and corrode, leading to replacements being required.

To avoid this, make sure to keep a window slightly open to let fresh air through when taking a shower during the warmer months. By doing this, you will also avoid any paint peeling on your walls.

Clogged Toilet
Clogged toilet

You can get a clogged toilet at any time. But in the summer, you’re much more likely to have more visitors, friends and relatives visiting to enjoy the sunshine. And with more people using the toilet than normal, there’s a much bigger risk of it clogging.

Whether the influx of people causes the clog, or guests start flushing things they aren’t meant to, a clogged toilet can easily take place. This is a tricky thing to avoid, but what you can do is put up a sign to remind guests what can and can’t be flushed to avoid your pipes getting clogged with unwanted things like sanitary products.

If not, your toilet can overflow and become a health hazard. It also becomes unusable, which is an extremely inconvenient problem for the owners. If this happens, you’ll need to get an emergency plumber in urgently to fix your clogged toilet.

Sprinkler systems

If you water your grass using a sprinkler system in the summer, there is a chance they can get damaged. Before the warmer months, make sure to check your sprinklers are working correctly, as using broken sprinklers will cause them to overwork, costing you more money in the long run.

A leaking sprinkler can also cause your water bill to increase, as well as causing a lot of waste.

Washing machine over use

From endless days out, to sun cream stains, it isn’t uncommon for washing machines to get overwhelmed during the summer. As soon as you notice any signs that it needs a repair, it’s best to get it fixed as quickly as possible to avoid making matters worse.

Check for any potential leaks or damage to avoid it being unusable and incurring more damage.

Drain Cleaning
Clogged drains

Similar to the clogged toilet and increased use of the shower, an influx of usage can cause drains to become blocked. You may also be more likely to wash off the likes of sand and dirt from the beach, clogging the shower drain.

How to prevent plumbing problems in the summer

Now you know what can go wrong, how can you avoid it? There are many preventative measures you can take to help your plumbing system run smoothly. From keeping an eye on your water pressure to replacing old appliances, give these a go if you’re wanting to avoid calling the plumber round mid BBQ.

Inspect, inspect, inspect

It’s important to keep your home appliances as healthy as possible to avoid urgent emergencies from taking place. After each season, do an inspection of your pipes to check for any leaks. You should mainly focus on sinks, your water heater and sprinkler system in preparation for the summer months.

Throughout summer, check your bathroom tiles for soft areas that could be damaged with the moisture. As soon as you notice anything, get in touch with a professional plumber to get it sorted and avoid it becoming a bigger issue.

Check the drains

To avoid drains getting blocked, you should check them regularly. This way you can avoid blockages and the need to call an emergency plumber when waste builds up. You can also clean them out yourself every so often to make sure they don’t get blocked.

Pre-holiday measures

If you have a holiday planned during the summer, it’s a good idea to do a precautionary check before leaving. This includes turning off your water heater to save on your energy bill.

Water Pressure
Keep an eye on water pressure

A change in water pressure is a good indication that there could be something wrong with your plumbing system. If you notice a change in water pressure, such as it being too low or high, you should call in a plumber to have a look.

Replace worn and old appliances

A way to avoid plumbing problems is by keeping up with replacing old worn and torn fixtures. The better you maintain your fixtures, the less likely they will need to be replaced or repaired.

Get a summer inspection

If you’re still unsure what to look out for, you can avoid these problems by booking a summer inspection with a plumbing engineer. They will have a lot of experience and will know exactly what to check. They will also be able to easily identify any signs of issues or replacements needed.

No matter your plumbing issue, our expert plumbers can be on hand in an emergency to get your system back on track fast. Simply get in touch and a team member will be happy to help.

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