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Wasps are a seasonal pest, actively infesting homes in the warmer months of the year. Wasps can be aggressive or agitated when their nests are threatened. It is important that any attempt to remove the nest is carried out by a professional wasp removal expert. A nest can contain thousands of wasps, particularly in the height of summer. No matter how severe your wasp infestation may be, our expert pest control technicians can help.

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We deliver exceptional wasp control services every time and have developed a reputation for quality and effectiveness. Our BPCA certified technicians provide wasp nest removal to domestic and commercial properties across the UK, so if you have discovered a wasp nest in the loft or business premises, let Able Group help today.

Locating A Wasp Nest

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If you spot a high volume of wasps in your garden or around your home, chances are there is a wasp nest nearby. The earlier the nest is treated the easier it will be to deal with. Multiple wasps leaving and re-entering the same area normally spells trouble. Depending on the time of year will determine whether you are contending with their irritable state or not.

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When this insect finds itself indoors, they prefer to nest in sheltered locations that offer easy access to the outdoors, which includes wasp nests in lofts, garages and cavity wall space. You can even find a wasp nest in eaves of your home. If their nest is outside they will likely find an old rodent burrow, hollow tree or bush to nest in. The nests that are formed of chewed wood and can grow surprisingly large.

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Occasionally you will only be able to identify the wasps by sound. This is usually when the wasp nest is located in places that are hard to spot such as in your roof. In such instances they will generate a loud buzzing sound that is easily recognisable. The buzzing will not be that of an individual wasp either so will be easy to identify.

Nest Treatment

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Aim - The colony of wasps will contain one queen. The main aim of the treatment is to ensure the poison reaches the queen and kills it. This in turn should destroy the entire nest. As wasps do not have fur coats like bees do, they are easier to kill. The treatment will stick to the wasp and transfer deep into the nest killing both the queen and the nest. Our treatment for wasp removal involves the use of a lance which gives our local wasp exterminator the ability to access the entrance of the nest.

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Method - As Able are a wasp nest removal company we ensure that all our treatments are in line with the HSE and British standards. The standard treatment for a wasp's nest is to spray the nest with an insecticidal dust, that is of professional standard. Occasionally, depending on the circumstances, the professional wasp nest removal specialist may choose an alternative method.

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Re-Spray - Where the treatment for the wasp nest has been applied and not killed off the wasp nest within 48 hours we offer a job re-visit to re-apply the insecticide. As with most pest tasks there is never a 100% guarantee however, we use the very best treatment in order to help your wasp control problem be a thing of the past.

Wasp nest removal services for nests high up

Heights - On occasions a wasp nest could be located in a place that even a ladder cannot reach. In these cases specialised equipment will need to be hired to allow our local wasp exterminator to safely reach the nest and apply the treatment. It is important you inform us if this is the case to ensure our wasp exterminator does not waste their and your time.


Wasps are a seasonal pest. You are likely to need wasp control services for your home in the warmer months of the year. There are two common wasps that you will find in the UK. The Common and German wasp. They have a yellow and black body with markings varying from species to species they are usually around 2 cm in length.

With a narrow but powerful waist, fore and hind wings linked by minute hooks. They are social insects and have a caste system by which nest construction and maintenance, tending the young and foraging for food is undertaken by workers. The Queens are responsible for egg laying following fertilisation by males.

Wasps can be extremely aggressive or agitated if they feel under threat, specifically if they feel their nest has been threatened. Wasps belong to the order Hymenoptera which includes some of the most highly evolved insects.

Local wasp control near me
Local wasp control near me
Local wasp control near me

Wasp Sting

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A sting from one of these insects can be very painful. When summer begins to cool down wasps become increasingly more irritable due to their ingestion of sweet, fermenting fruit juices. This will increase the likelihood of running into a wasp and receiving a sting.

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In the vast majority of cases a sting is just an unpleasant run in with a wasp. Unlike bees however, one wasp has the ability to sting more than once so a run-in could lead to multiple stings. A sting to a sensitive area such as the head or inside of the mouth could be more serious.

Wasp stings can be life threatening

In some rare cases a sting could cause anaphylactic shock, which if left without rapid medical treatment can be fatal. If you are stung it is important to stay vigilant and observant of your symptoms. If the symptoms become increasingly worse, you should seek medical attention.

Wasp sting treatment

However, most of the time it is unlikely that you will need to seek medical attention and will be able to treat the sting yourself. There is unlikely to be a stinger lodged in the skin as unlike bees, wasps do not dislodge their stinger upon use. You will need to wash the area with soap and warm water and if there is excessive redness, swelling or itching, apply a hydrocortisone cream.

For more information, read the NHS page on wasp stings.

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