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Do you think you may have a bird infestation in your home?

Feral pigeons are master opportunists at finding safe nesting sites and ready available food sources. What is initially home to a couple of birds can soon become resting ground for what can seem like an army of nuisances. If you have been worrying how to get rid of pigeons from your property you have come to the right place. For any work involving birds contact an Able specialist today for advice on how our bird control services can help you today.

Why You Need To Deal With Pigeons

Signs of bird infestation


Disease is a problem that is rife among birds. They can play host to bacteria and parasites that can spread diseases to humans easily through direct content themselves or through their droppings. E-Coli and Listeria are just two of the diseases that can spread to humans.

Effective bird control


Droppings can not only cause diseases as stated previously, but they can also cause damage to your property, in particular car paintwork, which can become corroded if left uncleaned. If left on the side of your business it also presents a poor image of the company and may turn customers away from your business.

Pigeon deterrent for house


Noise pollution is a huge problem when dealing with pigeons on the roof for example. It can cause sleepless nights and earlier than needed wake up calls at home. But in businesses it can cause distractions in the workplace that affect concentration.

Bug and pest control

Other Pest Problems

One of the other issues with a bird infestation is that other pests can be transferred to your home or business. Fleas, mites, ticks or even beetles can be passed on meaning that you have more than just a bird problem to contend with.

What Birds Can Do To Your Property

Bird Nests

Effective bird nest removal

You may have noticed there are a few more birds than normal on your property. They may just be stopping by, or you may have birds nesting in your roof. Once birds have found a place to inhabit, they will often build a nest in your home. Another common sign of a bird infestation is droppings on your property or pathway, this can be dangerous if left, as it is how diseases are spread.

Bird Debris

Signs of bird infestations, bird debris

Debris from birds' nests or feathers can potentially block drainage systems and guttering. Bird fouling can also lead to damage on your property, and can be a concern as they spread disease. This can normally be seen in areas around where the birds roost.

Number Of Birds

Effective treatment for bird flocks

If you have noticed a large number of birds flocking together outside your home, this could be a sign that you have an infestation. This can often be very noisy, as these large flocks can get into your attic and use your home to set up a nest for laying their eggs. This brings in damage to your property and potential blockages to drains and guttering also.

Property Damage

Bird control spikes repel birds

Birds have been known to damage roofs by tearing a hole or widening the cracks in any joints, corners and eaves. If you suspect you have an infestation, it is a good idea to be watchful of your property and if possible, inspect your eaves and roof tiles. Our professionals can help you to identify and stop a bird infestation, no matter how severe it may be.

Bird Control Treatment

When dealing with a bird infestation our treatment will vary depending on the circumstances and needs. All of our methods involved aim at preventing the birds from landing on a specific area, such as a roof or a building ledge.

If you have discovered a bird infestation in your property, our bird pest control experts can be there to provide expert bird removal solutions and advice, so you have one less thing to worry about. The only things we cannot treat with birds is if they have laid eggs in their nest or if there are live young inhabiting the nest.

Our main three methods of pigeon repellent are:

Bird control spikes

Bird Spikes

One of the most effective forms of bird deterrent are bird spikes. Rather than harm the bird, these spikes simply stop them from landing in a specific area. The birds will no longer be able to perch on their favoured site and will instead have to move on elsewhere.

Bird netting for home

Bird Netting

Bird nets, of 50mm for pigeons, will be installed to prevent the birds from reaching the infested area completely. It can also be used to prevent crops from being damaged by pigeons and wild birds, so has many functions. But you can count on the netting excluding the birds from the area that has been troubling you.

Bird pest control including bird deterrents

Gel Pads

These are non-harmful and non-poisonous to the birds but work just as well in keeping birds from your roofs. It induces a burning sensation onto the birds feet that prevent the pigeons from staying on your roof property for any considerable length of time.

Advice On Dealing With Birds Infesting Your Home

Bird control for home

Firstly, it is important to identify the type of bird that is infesting your home. This is important as some birds are protected by law. Sparrows, starlings or pigeons are not protected by law, and are generally the most common birds found in the UK. Our pest experts have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and can identify your problem and walk you through the next steps in solving your infestation.

Bird nest removals

Once the bird has been identified we can check for nests outside your property in trees, in gaps of your roof or even in your eaves. Birds often inhabit a home to build their nests and lay eggs. Once you have identified a bird's nest, you can confirm a bird infestation. It must be noted that should there be eggs in the nest or live young, we cannot treat the problem.

Pigeon control for garden and home

While there are some things you can't change, birds will often be attracted to a home if it has an accessible water and food source. If you have a bird bath or bird feed outside, removing them may make it more difficult for birds to make a home in your garden. This is one of the first steps you can take to get a bird out of the house or to keep pigeons away.

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