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Why Choose Able Group Wasp Removal Service in Huddersfield?

Rapid response

Rapid Response

When you need emergency response in Huddersfield, we can respond within 30-90 minutes*, with 24-hour response without a call-out charge.



Over 10 years' experience removing wasp nests for homes and businesses across Huddersfield alike, from our wasp removal experts.



All our engineers are fully qualified, coming highly recommended by the relevant trade bodies for wasp removal service Huddersfield.

Quality Assured

Accredited Bodies

We are so assured in our treatment methods that if the wasps have not been killed from the nest in 48 hours, we offer a free respray.

Your Local Wasp Nest Removal Huddersfield

Upon discovery of a wasp nest there really is only one thing you require. Quick, reliable treatment that works first time. Able Group satisfies these requirements comfortably, holding a reputation as one of the most trusted wasp removal services in Huddersfield. We respond 24 hours a day all year long to ensure that we have your back when the wasps threaten your property.

Nestled in your loft, or below a crack under your property, wasps nest in various locations that you would least expect. Couple this with their ability to grow the nest to large sizes, wasp troubles in your property should be sorted with the upmost immediacy. Our Huddersfield operatives work around the clock to ensure your situation gets the kind of rapid treatment it needs.

When you speak to a member of our team you will be walked through the steps you need to take before treatment along with helpful advice before offered a free no obligation phone quote which contains no hidden costs and has no call-out charge. This means that you can expect a professional wasp exterminator in Huddersfield at a fair and competitive price.

Wasp Exterminators in Huddersfield You Can Trust

Wasp Nest Removal Experts

Wasp nests

There is not one set place that you can find a wasp nest. From small, ball like nests in your shed to giant caverns of a hive underground near the entrance to your property, a wasp removal service in Huddersfield, needs to be aware to this fact. Our 10+ years of experience helps us to identify and treat wasp nests no matter where you find them.

Business and Commercial Wasp Nest Removals

Business & commercial

Our treatment is just as vital for businesses across Huddersfield as it is in residential properties. Our solutions can both effectively and discreetly remove your pest problem so that it does not affect the day to day running of your business. If a pest contract is of interest to you, contact our priority accounts team for more information.

Treating A Wasp Nest


Our treatment methods for wasp nest removal in Huddersfield come tried and trusted. In only a couple of hours of being sprayed onto the entrance of the nest, our treatment will have taken a hold of the Queen and exterminated the nest. We have the necessary equipment to tackle wasp nests wherever they choose to hide.

Aftercare For A Wasp Nest


Our Huddersfield expert will provide you with the advice that you need on-site to negate a re-occurrence of the wasp infestation. Our services also extend to the physical removal of wasp nests, once they are dead or dormant. This will require a repeat visit, but our helpful experts on the phone can provide detailed information if this is something you require.

Able Group Can Provide Expert Wasp Nest Removal Services in Huddersfield and Surrounding Areas Such As:

  • Brackenhall,
  • Almondbury,
  • Elland,
  • Sowood,
  • Golcar,
  • Lepton,
  • Fenay Bridge,
  • Brighouse.

Clients we have helped in Huddersfield

Clients We Have Helped In Huddersfield

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