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Flea Treatment

A practical guide on how to get rid of fleas from your home or business

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How to Identify Fleas

Are You Being Bitten? Fleas will tend to bite mainly on the arms and the legs rather than across the core. Is There Evidence of an Infestation? You may be able to see visible droppings and markings around the home, particularly around the edges of the rooms. Contact with Other Pets? If you have had a visitor in the home with a pet, or your pet has been in contact with others, it only takes on flea to spread throughout the house.

Where to Look

Fleas can be found mostly where the pet rests and inside the fur of the animal. However, they can lay eggs in the carpet and other areas of the home, and are able to live without a host for months. Fleas are not uncommon and do not reflect the cleanliness of the home or business property. They are, however, incredibly difficult to deal with without professional help and advice from pest control experts.

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