Happy World Plumbing Day 2019!!

The 11th March has come around once again and we all know what that means. The 9th annual World Plumbing Day!

Okay! So, maybe you didn’t have the world plumbing day penned in your calendars. But it has been a day well revered in the industry since its inception in 2010 by the world plumbing council.

World plumbing day showcases the link between good quality plumbing, health, environmental stability and the increasingly economic prosperity of the industry.

We thought today would be as good as any to recap on how the plumbing industry has evolved. Also forecasting what we feel the industry may look like moving forward.

A plumber in 2019 has grown in importance to local communities across the UK. They are roughly around 10-15 times more valuable than this time 50 years ago.

Customer Knowledge

update in customer knowledge of plumbing

Years gone by, information was hard to come by. Plumbers were hired largely through word of mouth or a flick through the Yellow Pages.

This meant that customers were living in the dark. Plumbers and other tradesmen of course, could largely do and charge whatever they liked as there was no means by which to challenge their word.

This by no means implies that all plumbers were looking to rip-off their customers. Just that margins on parts would likely have been more profitable when a customer cannot source the prices with a simple search engine query.

The age of the internet has altered this however. Information is now at our fingertips. Queries are but a Google search away.

Due to the internet, it is far harder to extort customers for huge profit on parts as this is easily checked. The internet has helped to weed out the bad plumbers. People are more observant and vigilant now. The industry has gained more integrity and trust with the modern consumer

Green Products Saving Water

plumbing saving water

With more and more reports coming out about the importance of saving the planet, and the need to preserve it, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to green alternatives in products for their everyday activities. Green products help to save water and is becoming the way of life for a lot of people across the globe.

It is stated in the hardware retailing reports that 47% of plumbing retailers said that customers consciously seek out green products.

Upgrading your dishwasher to a newer model for example, has been estimated to save on water usage. As much as 19 litres a day can be saved with each use. When you consider that most households use their dishwashers, on average, once a day, the savings can amount up. Going by these estimations that is a saving of almost 7,060 litres of water a year!

The current trend clearly points towards plumbing installations, and the industry as a whole, becoming more environmentally friendly. The focus used to be solely on functionality. Moving forward however, the industry appears to be taking a conservation approach.

Therefore, due to green products are in high demand, plumbers that specialise in these methods, will see a spike in jobs. Similarly, suppliers who sell a more green product will be in higher demand.

Installing Customer Bought Products

customers buying plumbing fittings

As previously mentioned, the improvement in customer knowledge through the internet has led to more customers providing their own fittings for repairs.

Previously, diagnostics were made by the plumber who would then work out what part you needed for your plumbing repair. The plumber went to his van, found the part needed, and then installed it. No questions asked.

Today, it can be a different story.

Customers are prepared with the parts they need and want installed. This means that plumbers need to be more accepting of having to install a specific product that has been sourced out and pre-bought by the customer.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate. A little bit of knowledge can sometimes be dangerous. Meaning that occasionally the customers fitting may go against the plumber’s advice.

Therefore, the modern day plumber needs to be tactile and persuasive in their response to dealing with a customers demands.

The Future Of The Plumbing Industry

Future Of Plumbing

So we have looked at the past and present this world plumbing day. What about the future?

What will the plumbing works and toilets of the future be like? Will there be new blockages to contend with, or new pipework designs to wrap our heads around?

One trend may be the further integration of technology with plumbing fixtures around your home. This will mean possible new installation techniques, set-ups and repairs.

The idea sounds an attractive prospect to you, the customer. I mean, who wouldn’t want the latest voice activated smart toilet? But what difference could this make to the plumbing industry?

Well, advancements in technology likely means that the equipment plumbers use will alter. Along with this, the equipment a plumber will have to contend with will likely advance.

The trend is definitely gearing towards the use of more smart devices, everything from toilets to dishwashers.

To Conclude…

When looking back over the history of this industry, the shifts can seem dramatic. It can safely be said that plumbing is now a far more trusted trade.

World plumbing day marks a celebration for this vital industry. Keeping homes and businesses flushing, draining and free flowing across the country, it is fitting that there is a day to commemorate the good work they do.

So lets give plumbers across the country credit, for an every improving industry.

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