Bed Bugs Signs: 101

Spotted Bed Bug Signs? Wondering If You Have Them At All? Here Is Everything You Need To Know On Bed Bugs!

By now you have likely seen hundreds of guides and facts regarding the infestation of the bed sheet vampires, commonly known as bed bugs. We thought we would chuck our hat in the ring and give you another bed bugs signs 101 with our tips and tricks to dealing with bed bugs.

There is never a good time to spot bed bugs signs. They are vigilant creatures and precautions need to be taken. Firstly, lets answer that burning question. What are they?

What Are They?

How can you be expected to keep an eye out for bed bugs signs if you do not know what they are?

A small oval parasite with vampiric tendencies and cravings for human blood, they live within the seams of your mattress or headboards. Occasionally crawling into dark places such as furniture crevasses, draws or even cracks in the wall their reddish-brown appearance can be hard to spot. The damage they inflict can cause great irritation, worsened by scratching and causing discomfort.

So How Do We ID a Bed Bug?

Being a challenging pest to treat, they are even more tricky to spot. They can be found high in numbers and with bundles of persistence. But there is always signs of life if you look hard enough.

Bed Bug picture


Rows of three bites, small red marks, are a clear indication. Their bites are frequently referred to as “breakfast, lunch and dinner”, you act as a bed bugs primary food source as they draw blood from you whilst you are in slumber.


Bed bugs like to be concealed within the seams of your mattress, shut off from the world. However, they leave behind small black traces visible to the naked eye. Look out for black marks or amber patches on your mattress. If you are vigilant enough you can also spot the bed bugs themselves.

Sweet Odours

Like the 40-year-old man on their first night out in 3 months that slaps on too much aftershave, they can be smelt a mile off. A strong, sickly almond smell is given off as their way of communication. This is where the similarities end however. The overpowering smell of Paco Rabanne is slightly more pleasant than that of a bed bugs sign.

Eggs & Shells

Similar to a snake, they will shed their outer layer, leaving the remanence behind. This can be spotted alongside eggs and black marks which they can leave streaked across your furniture or headboards. These critters leave indications wherever they go.

prevent bed bugs


The myth that states that your home is somewhat unclean if you have spot bud bugs signs is completely unfounded.

No studies or correlations link the two variables. You should feel no shame if you spot bed bugs signs, as this is not your fault. It’s like calling a house dirty because a fly got in through a window.

There are however, some preventative measures you can take.

There are a few things you will need to do before and after treatment is carried out, ensuring that your problem is dealt with quickly and effectively.

bed bugs signs

Pre-Treatment For Bed Bugs


Firstly you will need to strip all beds followed by bagging, tying and removing all bedding and clothing. This includes shoes and belts.

You will need to thoroughly vacuum and clean all bedrooms ensuring they are all clutter free so that the pest controller has access to the carpet.

Finally, you cannot be in the property whilst treatment is carried out so you will need to leave and pop out for a number of hours.


When you notice bed bugs signs, they will need to be treated by an experienced and trained pest professional. They will assess the severity of your bed bug infestation, noting down the areas that will need to be treated. They will use a water-based insecticide which will be sprayed in your home. This aims at treating as much of your property as possible.

Quickfire Questions

When is the best time to treat bed bugs?

Ideally it should be treated in the morning. It is more likely the insecticide will settle, also minimising the risk of inhalation of the spray.

How long will the property need to be vacated?

At least four hours, this is to allow as much of the area to be treated as possible. The insecticide needs time to settle.

Any risk from the treatment?

People who are pregnant, suffer breathing difficulties or babies/young children will be at greater risk of the treatment. The pest controller will advise you on all health and safety for the procedure.

bed bug lifecycle


There are a few steps you will need to take following the treatment your pest controller has carried out.

  • Stay out of the property for up to 8 hours.
  • Keep pets away for 24 hours.
  • Tumble dry all clothes and bedding on a high heat setting for a full cycle. This kills off any remaining eggs and is important to do before returning them to the infected room.
  • Do not hoover or clean treated surfaces for 1 month after treatment. Unless you are informed otherwise from the pest controller.

Why Choose Able Group to help with your bed bug problem?

All our engineers are fully licensed in handling all poisons, insecticides and fumigation techniques. You can ask about our credentials any time and we can ease your concerns immediately.

Able Procedure

  • Provide free no obligation quotes with expert advice
  • Provide constant support until all bed bugs are removed
  • Educate you on prevention methods to avoid another infestation
  • We only employ qualified, well-trained pest management professionals


With upcoming initiatives and future innovations being researched regarding tackling bed bugs we are winning the battle against the bed bugs. Knowledge however, is the most important factor in eliminating the grip a bed bug infestation can have over your phone.

If we identify bed bugs signs early we can control the infestation. This guide hopefully provided you with some helpful insight. Remember that if you find bed bugs in your property it is important you contact a pest professional as soon as possible to ensure these critters don’t overwhelm your home!

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